Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Last night my daughter, Thing Two, informed me that the zombie apocalypse was indeed possible with the combination of certain diseases attacking the immune system at the same time.

So, I pondered if I could survive the zombie apocalypse, and came to the conclusion that yes, I'm a bad ass and would definitely survive.

First of all, for me, the rules of Zombieland were a given. I didn't need anyone to tell me to double tap or check the back seat. Also, I'm writing a dystopic novel, not with zombies, but with crazy people (think road warrior) and I've done some research and thinking on the subject of survival already.

I know you can't depend on guns. You have to have ammo for guns. Will I have some? Sure. But I think my main weapon would be something more along the lines of a machete, a battle axe, a mace, or something like this:
I'd also surround myself with people that could help me get through. People who are strong and smart. People who have skills akin to McGyver. People who know how to hunt, fish, start a fire through telekinesis. A little talent and eye candy wouldn't hurt either.

Zombies are slow and stupid. I mean, you should only go out when you have to, for supplies. Otherwise you make a home for yourself in some fortresslike facility, a military base, school, prison, and stay put.

I take pride in the fact that I would be:

An Ultimate Survivor.

When the outbrake starts, look me up. I could use people like you on my team. You're a team player but also know when to trust and when not to. You will survive as long as it takes. You're weapon skills are amazing and you can spot a zombie from a mile away. You know how and where to hit them and you know when to run. Congratulations, keep up the good work.
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