Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Inspiring the young

Last night I had an author gig with J Anderson Coats ( The Wicked and the Just), Helen Landalf (Flyaway), and Carole Estby Dagg (The Year We Were Famous) at the Everett Public Library.  While attendance wasn't epic, the audience was engaged, especially a fourteen year old girl who was in attendance.

After our moderator was finished asking questions, this young girl (her name was either Maggie or Katie, I can't remember which) asked question after question about our writing styles, writers who inspire, etc etc. She honestly asked the most questions of anyone.

And even though her mom made a comment to us about, "oh yeah, we've met some successful writers..."


...this young girl was excited and endearing. And this is one of the reasons I love to do these types of visits. Inspire people to read, inspire people to write, inspire them to never give up on their dreams.

Even if I'm not yet "successful" lol.
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