Thursday, December 5, 2013

Books be wordy and stuff.

Apparently Kanye West said this:

Now, I didn't look it up on Snopes, well I tried and couldn't find it, so I'm assuming it's truth. This statement for me is wrong in just so many ways. Let me tell you why.

1. He is a role model for young people. Young people should read. Why? Because it is proven to make you smarter.
2. He is a proud non-reader of books and proves my first case in point by using "they just be so" and not wanting an inanimate object's autograph.
3. Is it the people or books that are self absorbed? Of this I'm not sure, but no matter. Pot, meet Kettle.

Someone said something very funny on the Facebook thread in which I found this photo. They said, and I quote, "He fucked a Kartrashian without a condom. Case closed."

Um, yeah. That about says it all, right?

By the way, I found the photo on my friend Allison Dickson's Facebook page. If you like horror novels, you should check out her body of work

I'm a bit disheartened, because I really like his music. I won't listen to it anymore. I will take it off my iPod. I will tell my children not to listen to it. I will urge all to boycott him. 

I will start the  No West movement (will come up with pithy name) to keep our kids reading and literate and speaking proper English. I will write books filled with words and I will be self absorbed! My books will give autographs!!


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