Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and all that.

Just wanted to wish everyone celebrating a Merry Christmas. Obviously I've had another couple busy weeks, at work, at home, everywhere. I'm sure we all have.

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 And I'll share my Christmas card poem with you all that I sent out this year...

Can you believe it’s been a year,
since we’ve sent out these cards full of Christmas cheer.
We Bostics have been busy, that is for sure.
Let’s start with Rachel, my baby girl.
She turned 15 and started to drive,
at the wheel she certainly does thrive.
With both the girls drivers tests almost passed,
oh dear God I’m free at last!
She’s also still playing music with her band,
microphone in front, guitar in hand
As far as music, the girl is on fire,
she also made Wilson’s Concert choir.
Mary is also in high gear,
playing on three soccer teams this year
And she’s finally part of the working class,
now Megan no longer has to give her money for gas.
Can you believe she’s a senior already?
Applying to colleges, testing steadily.
Good news last week came through,
she got into her first choice school, Wazzu.
Megan’s been busy this year, to bring home the bread.
She coached both girls in soccer, which was quite a coup,
as her team Venom went 10 and 2.
She’s been a busy writing elf,
her new novel hit Amazon and bookstore shelves
She markets, cleans, laundries and shops,
and she’s starting her own business, the woman don’t stop.
So there you have it, 2013,
we three ladies await for what the next year might bring
A quieter house as Mary goes on her own,
and Rachel takes to the car instead of the home
Megan’s freedom comes but it’s bittersweet
her two angels are off to their drummer’s own beat
But for now we celebrate our life day to day,
in chaos and messes, in music, writing and play
Enjoy your families and the holiday cheer.
Merry Christmas to all, see you next year.

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