Saturday, December 14, 2013

It was the week, without a blog

This week (last few really) has been crazy, busy, weird and reminiscent, to say the
least. Read through, the important stuff is at the end.

This is the busy...
  1. Trying to promote my new book, which I've really done none of, so I've finally contacted bloggers and sent some books out. (If you're a blogger, and want to read Dissected, I'd love to send you a book, either paperback or digital).
  2. Monday got together with my dad and sisters.
  3. Tuesday had a bowling date with friends.
  4. Wednesday promised a date to my daughters we'd see Catching Fire.
  5. Thursday choir concert for my daughter and niece and nephew. Mine is in concert choir, the other two in show choir.
  6. While doing all of this, every day I've been working on planning our office Christmas party which is no small matter. We do it up big at a hotel, this year we decided to do a theme and I'm also in change of the PowerPoint presentation of awards this year which I'd never done. I've worked on this at work and in my own time, probably 10-15 hours of my own time between all this other stuff. There used to be 5 on what we call the "fun committee" but now we're down to 3, making more work for us.
  7. Aside from planning the Christmas party, I'm also in charge of putting together gift baskets and delivering them for our office, so this week I also had to take work and my time for 2 days to put together 54 wine baskets which I will be delivering next week throughout the greater Pierce County area.
  8. We finally decorated our Christmas tree and took our Christmas card pics Thursday night after the choir concert.
  9. Last night I start trying to design my Christmas cards.
  10. Tonight is our office Christmas party.
I've had a blogger friend going through some stuff that is reminiscent of things I went through just a few years back. Things that eventually left me broken in the form of a nervous breakdown and marriage destroyed. Not that it is the sole thing that caused my divorce or that what I was going through at time wasn't probably building for years, but everyone has a breaking point and I met mine.

This made me look up an old blog of mine, when I was at my darkest and reread it. Not pretty stuff. This is one thing I wrote, I shared on my FB yesterday, "In darkness I shall roam until blindly, I feel around and find my way home."

That  is not the only thing that has been reminding me of the past lately. Some friends have been going down memory lane on Twitter. 

And I kid you not, I was on Facebook last night and it started spinning out of control and landed on 2008 and a post of mine that said, "Megan Messina Bostic is no longer contemplating the rest of her life, she's just contemplating tomorrow."

I've been a little down lately. Not just down, but I've been feeling lonely, anxious, angry and a bit out of control and my emotions are really getting the best of me. As with others, this is a hard time of year for me and not just because of the holidays, but I have my own personal demons to fight this time of year. 

I think the Ghost of Christmas Past is working in a strange way this year. He's using the power of the internet to remind me that no matter how bad things seem, there is light at the end. There is hope. There is a way out and just have to see it, to find it, but it's there.

He's even trying to tell me with the release of my new book, because the quote I found to write in people's books is this,  "...but without the dark, we'd never see the stars."

It's a good reminder to not lose hope when we are at our lowest. I also try to remember that no matter my problems, there are people worse off than me. I have a home, a job, food on my table and beautiful children who are part of that light that help me through my days.

Hope is a powerful thing. Never lose sight of it.

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