Thursday, March 6, 2014

Creativity is the spice of life

My dear friend Jeff (he's a very talented writer and graphic designer, look at link on his Facebook the other day. 18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently. I found it very interesting so thought I would share and comment as a somewhat creative person.
his work on his website) posted this

Did I hear someone laugh?


  1. Daydreaming - I suppose you could call what I do daydreaming, the never ceasing buzz of ideas in my head. Don't get me wrong, I do have those moments where the thoughts slow and I envision myself on tropical beaches of white sand with Josh Hutcherson (what? he's of legal age, right?) or what I'd do with unlimited amounts of money. Mostly, though, my brain produces a string of connected thoughts and ideas that never stops.
  2. They observe everything - If you're talking about taking in the flowers on the side of the road or the shapes of the clouds, yes. If you're talking about the spot my boyfriend missed shaving or the piece of lettuce stuck in my BFF's tooth, no.
  3.  They work the hours that work for them - If that means every waking hour, then yes.
  4. They take time for solitude - I love the quiet. I am up before my kids right now typing away. I will take off for the beach all by myself to get some writing done. I will hole up for a weekend and tell everyone I've died.
  5. They turn life's obstacles around - Has this person ever met a writer? Um, Hemingway? Plath? Okay, well, I do this, but after time has passed and I realize that sometimes you can't change things, you can only change your attitude towards them. Like recently, I've had a spot of trouble and I was getting mad and frustrated and I took a deep, cleansing breath and took on the mantra of resilience and strength.
  6. They seek out new experiences - I will try anything once, unless it has to do with
    heights, I have my limits. Did you see what I did there? Did ya...never mind. Anyway, I used to be a coward, but in the last three years I've tried to open my mind to trying, doing, feeling, going, moving, experiencing, living. I don't want any more regrets in life.
  7. They "fail" up - This is all about the "try." If you don't try, how will you know if you will succeed? You can't be afraid to fail in life. You cannot live in fear. Believe me, I've failed A LOT. Refer to #6. Open yourself up, make yourself vulnerable, if it doesn't work, get back up and do something else.
  8. They ask big questions - I don't always ask the questions, but I always have to have the answers. If I'm talking with someone, and something comes up we don't know the answer to, I'm the first to search Google for the answer. I'm the one with the trivial information in my head just waiting for the moment to be used. Questions? I think I'm more like a sponge just taking in all around me, absorbing, remembering what I can.
  9. They people watch - Yes. This. It's one of my favorite things to do.
     If you don't do it, you have no idea how entertaining it is and how much inspiration it evokes.
  10. They take risks - I suppose this is true in a certain way. I write about things people generally don't want to publish. Things that are hard to read. People still read them and like them. When the industry didn't want to take on that dark book, I published it myself. I suppose these are risks I'm willing to take for my art.
  11. They view the world as an opportunity for self expression - Much of what I write comes from my world, my experiences, so yeah, this.
  12. They follow their true passions - See #10.
  13. They get out of their own heads - I think we have to, or we would go insane. To
    keep all those voices in there, whether your a writer, artist, musician, whatever, something or someone is telling you what to write, paint, dance, play, to keep those all bottled up in your mind would make your head explode, and no one wants gray matter all over their living room carpet.
  14. They lose track of time - Uh, yeah. This is why I'm running out the door almost late for work (or kickboxing, doctor appointments or ___________fill in the blank) every day because I'm blogging or writing or working on my website. I get lost in my work.
  15. They surround themselves with beauty - My favorite color is black, but my home, though the base color is black, has splashes of color throughout. It's whimsical and quirky and I love it. Also, I only hang out with beautiful people. Kidding. During the spring I try to plant flowers around my house (I have what I like to call a "black" thumb). I have artwork throughout my home. So, yes.
  16. They connect the dots - This is about having vision, seeing something that wasn't there before. Sometimes people ask how you came up with your idea for a book and honestly, at times there isn't an answer. Sometimes it just comes to you.
  17. They constantly shake things up - I'm always shaking things up. Except babies. That's bad. I do not like monotony. In fact right now I'm shopping for new bedding. I'm not sure if that's what this means, but I am. I've also never held a job long, mostly my decision (except twice or three times out of about twenty). I like to move around, experience new things, get my toes wet. I want to paint walls and get new carpet and hop on a plane to anywhere.
  18. They make time for mindfulness - Meditation and focus. While I don't meditate, I do find a walk outside very clarifying and stress reducing. Whatever makes it happen, right?
So, what do you think about the list? Spot on? A little off? I think it's pretty accurate.  Are they missing something? Have a comment? Something else to share? Is this really different from anyone else? Let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear from you.

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