Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I believe...

Eternal Clock by Robbert van der Steeg
  • I believe Tweeting isn't easy.
  • I believe my kids are allergic to the dishwasher, the garbage and dirty socks.
  • I believe I need more hours in my day.
  • I believe if we taught our children more things at home we wouldn't have so many people to blame.
  • I believe the internet has a great and unfathomable power that somehow makes me forget blocks of time during my day.
  • I believe in pleases and thank yous.
  • I believe I don't care if I'm called self published, indie published or rogue.
  • I believe sometimes the those who are supposed to care about children the most, treat them the worst.
  • I believe words can't hurt you if you don't let them.
  • I believe if I had a dinner party with 8 people real of fictional, alive or dead, I would choose Jesus Christ, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen Degeneris, Marilyn Monroe, Sylvia Plath, Stephen King, Atticus Finch, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Or not. That's actually a really hard choice.
  • I believe I can't decide what my platform is.
  • I believe the flowers on my kitchen table are dead.
  • I believe I'm tired of hearing about the lives of celebrities. 
  • I believe George Zimmerman thinking he would get any fans at a gun show
    are hysterical.
  • I believe LOL Cats still crack me up.
  • I believe running is the work of the devil.
  • I believe my diatribe has ended.

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