Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The giveaway is now live and other writerly things

Yes it is. It's live now. It wasn't yesterday when I posted it.  So, here it is.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Your chances of winning are tremendously good because this is only going on until the 11th and the prize pack is HUGE!  You can read yesterday's blog to see pics of the prizes. I kind of want to keep them myself, but that would be really rude.

Here are some links to reviews and whatnot for Dissected, if you'd like a taste before you enter.

Bookish Blog  book review
Offbeat Vagabond book review
Review by author Louann Carroll
Bookraptured book review
Author interview on Spines & Covers Book Blog
Interview for My Writing Process Blog Tour on author Stephanie Feuer's blog

Some of the above are from a book tour I did through Lady Reader, Amy Del Rosso.  Also, the graphics you see were created by Kriss Morton, otherwise known as the Cabin Goddess.

Don't forget I will be offering Dissected for free on November 12th for Kindle on Amazon. Yay!

As for other writerly things...

I'm participating in NaNoWriMo because I'm insane. Yes. I'm actually taking the opportunity to finish the novel I start a bazillion years ago and it's working out famously thus far.  I'm a little infuriated though because their website seems to be perpetually glitchy. Ugh. They usually get it fixed right around the end of November. HAHA kidding. I'm sure it will be running smoothly soon.

I also have a finished manuscript in need of a serious edit. That will have to wait until this one is finished however.

And that is what I'm attempting to do in the little time I have.

Anyone else doing NaNo? What are you working on?

Have a great Tuesday night! Enter the contest, spread the word. Peace.

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