Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Double standards

Two deaths, two grand juries choose not to indict the cops that killed  the men. One was Eric Garner a large black man selling cigarettes illegally. The other of course was Michael Brown.

I am disturbed by both of these incidents. Eric Garner specifically told the officer that he couldn't breathe. Sure, maybe it's a ploy, but you have him surrounded by multiple officers with weapons, what's he going to do?

You all know about Michael Brown. Struggle or not?  Facing or back turned? 35 feet or 148 feet? I don't care. He was an unarmed child. I don't care how big he was. It seems like as easily as Darren Wilson could reach for his gun he could have reached for a taser or billy club. Of course, if Brown was 148 feet away, I guess he probably couldn't have reached him with those other two items from there.

Then there's Dawon Gore. Have you heard of him? He's a black police officer in Ferguson. He hit a man in the hand with his billy club. The man didn't die. He was injured for sure, and Gore didn't go about things the right way. He didn't report it, and his precinct knew nothing about it until the injured man called them a few days later.

Gore was indicted by the Ferguson Prosecuting attorney. I'm not saying that was the wrong decision. That was probably the right decision. I'm just saying, if Gore was indicted, Daniel Pantaleo, the cop who killed Garner and Wilson should be indicted. Maybe they would be found innocent, who knows, but they should at least be held responsible and tried for taking a person's life in the manner that they did, with excessive force.

Those who say racial profiling  isn't real are wearing blinders. Wilson said he would have done exactly the same thing had Brown been white. We'll never know, but I truly doubt it.

Politics need to remain unbiased when it comes to justice. Even people who kill accidentally are put on trial for manslaughter. A crack on the hand, a shot in the head. Which of these injuries deserves a greater justice?

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