Monday, December 29, 2014

It's over: Accounting for 2014

The biggest holiday of the year is over. May the Christmas let down commence.

I'm looking forward to 2015. I will just say, my last two years pretty much sucked balls. I was going back through old posts about resolutions and goals and whatnot. Last year I posted 10 resolutions I would NOT be making. I think I have the same mindset as last year. It's best NOT to make any promises to yourself.  It's okay to set some goals  however.

So what happened this year. Why did it suck? What didn't suck? What do I want to accomplish next  year?

The Bad:
  • This year I fought with the Tacoma School District. Without going into detail, they have a horrible policy that needs to change. It helps no one and I think actually harms the students it affects. 
  • Dad got into a car accident. He turned out fine, but scary stuff.
  •  Did not win the Charlotte Award from the New York State Reading Association. Didn't think I would, but there's always that sliver of hope. Of course I was nominated, so that's something.
  • Work problems. That's all I'll say about that.
  • A sad break up.
  •  Family health problems.
  •  Helped my best friend get through the death of her dog of 17 years on July 4th.
  • Robin Williams death. I know this isn't exactly personal, but in many ways it is. Especially for those of us who suffer from depression and other mental health issues. It helped bring those problems to light and maybe make people understand them a little better.
  • Growing weary of a world full of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and sexism. Also tired of shootings, senseless deaths and other random acts of violence.
  •  Thing 1 getting in a car accident that totaled her car. Luckily she and her passenger weren't injured.
  • Losing a best friend.
  • Still dealing with health issues that have been happening for over 2 years, with the addition of gross allergy problems that make my eyes and face swell.

The Good:

  • Books are still selling.
  • Seahawks win the Superbowl.
  • Being on a panel at the AWP Conference with great writers, Jolene Perry, Selene Castrovilla, and Katherine Ayres.
  • Thing 2 got her license and I was done driving the minions around for good.
  • With the help of a friend threw the most awesome, bitchin' bachelorette party for two of my favorite people in the world who just recently won their right to marry in our beautiful state of Washington. Also attended the wedding, which was amazing.
  • Made the quarter finals in the ABNA contest for the first time since the first year. Got lousy review in ABNA contest, but it was totally on spot. So there's that. 
  •  Instigated a win of Best Small Business and Best Attorney in the South Sound for my work and my dad.
  •  Thing 1 graduated high school and received a soccer scholarship at the local community college.
  •  My parents celebrated 50 years of marriage.
  •  Seeing my younger daughter make Jazz and Concert choir at school and watching performances.
  • Starting my own business.
  •  Finally got a diagnosis on my health problems and getting better.
  • Fun with friends and family at a variety of different places: Taste of Tacoma,  Office Retreat, Seahawks games, Rainiers games, outdoor movie night, Tulalip casino, Bunco party, Deck the Hall Ball.
  •  Traveling: The ocean, Arizona, Orlando, San Francisco, Cabo

 So based on all this, what is in store for me for 2015. I can only imagine it's better than this year.

  • Work is good. I love what I do. Starting a business is good too. I hope that it will be successful. A friend and I will be doing marketing for small business and authors. We already have some work, so that's good.
  • I will continue writing. Actually, I'd like to write more. I have a novel I'm still
    working on and one that needs a rewrite and a slew of other ideas to keep me busy for a long while.
  • Not looking for love. If it finds me, fine, but not going in search of it.
  • Now that I know from where my health problems originate, do what it takes to get better.
  • Get back to exercising. My condition truly doesn't allow me much exercise. I'm joining a gym and getting back into it slowly but surely.
  • Continue traveling. Places to go this year will hopefully include, New Orleans, San Diego, Scottsdale, and hopefully more.
  • Make new friends. I think I need to expand my horizons. You can't have too many friends.
Other things, which I'll talk about in another blog. How was your 2014? What are your goals for the next year?


  1. Good list of stuff. I did an analysis of last year today too, but I was more goals-focused--I like your broader brush--more room for reflection and gratitude in it. I hope 2015 is a fantastic year for you!

  2. Well last year I posted resolutions I would NOT be making and I think we just set our selves up for disappointment when we make promises to ourselves that we can't keep.

    So yes, broad brush. I'm setting attainable goals I hope to reach and if I don't I will be okay with that as long as I know I tried.


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