Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Free For All

I don't think I was quite done ranting this week.

Jesus bumper stickers. Why? Do I really need to honk if I love Jesus? If I don't honk, do you assume I'm a Jesus hater? And really, if everyone who loved Jesus honked, the streets would be noisy, dogs would be howling and babies would be crying. And really, is your driving THAT good? Maybe they're not honking at you because they love Jesus.

Okay, now this one will cover bad drivers and irresponsible dog owners. I mean, really, is there a reason to teach your dog to drive? That must be what you're doing, otherwise why would the dog be on your lap? You obviously do not know how dangerous it is to let a dog drive. They don't even have opposable thumbs.

And you, yeah you, the one eating with one hand and drinking with another, what the heck are you steering with?

And don't even get me started on texting while driving. You cannot look at your phone screen and look at the road at the same time. Hands free means hands off the phone, not off the steering wheel. Just sayin'.

I know I mentioned inattentive parents, but overprotective ones can be just as bad. Your child will not die if they eat dirt, they will not die if they don't eat organic, and they will not die if they play in the rain. They will however be missing out on some great experiences, good food, and serious fun.

Just more of my two cents.
CD of the week: The Fray One of my favorite new bands (kind of new) Also check out their rendition of Kanye's Heartless. Very good.
TV Show of the week: Still watching Heroes, almost done with Season 3
Movie of the week: Ghost Town. Not side ripping funny, but I did giggle a lot.
Book of the Week: Fresh Kills by Bill Loehfelm. Watch for a review on it in the next couple weeks.
Thanks for reading. catch you on the flip side.

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