Friday, July 15, 2011

F³A: Teenage girls

They do goofy shit
There are anywhere from 3 to 7 teenage girls in my house on any given day.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind.  I'd rather have them here then somewhere where I don't know what they're doing.  When they're here I know they're not drinking, or smoking, or doing drugs, or having sex.

I have over 1000 webcam pics of them on my computer
But they get on my computer, which I've told them is off limits.  It has everything I've ever written on it and I don't need some accidental deletions or computer virus wiping everything out.

They call this planking
I also look around my kitchen to empty glasses, half drank pops, empty juice boxes, dirty plates, and other assorted messes.

The other night I had to tell them shut the hell up because they were keeping me awake.  Last night I warned them before it happened.

They're good friends
They love quazy
But aside from all that, the girls that come over are so funny, and cute, and bubbly, I can't help but love them.  I feel like a second mother to them all, joking around with them, driving them all over the place, buying them pizza, and candy, and renting them movies.  It's actually a very rewarding experience having all these girls hanging out all the time.  And I think everyone of them is going to grow up to be a wonderful woman, and I will think that maybe I had to do with a little bitty part of it.

Friday Nibbles

Random iPod: Nothin' on You by B.O.B. and Bruno Mars

Book of the Week: Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris If you love zombie football players, you'll love this book.

Movie of the Week: The Green Mile.  Watched it again.  Awesome.  You should read the book too.  Some of Stephen King's best stuff in my opinion.

Quote of the Week: “Raising teenagers is like nailing Jello to a tree."
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