Monday, July 4, 2011

Monkey Madness Monday

He's not a real monkey, but I love sock monkeys too. 

I know, I know, I didn't blog Friday and you missed me terribly.  Sorry.  After almost a week of traveling for the day job, I suddenly had to prepare a visual presentation of what I learned for our firm retreat which was Thursday and Friday.

So Tuesday and Wednesday I hurriedly prepared outlines and a Powerpoint presentation, then first thing Thursday morning we were off to Leavenworth.  The quaint German town here in Washington, not the prison.

Busy weekend and  now here I am.  Independence day has mostly been my least favorite holiday.  People eat and drink to oblivion, it's normally crappy weather here in the PNW (today is beautiful though, hell must have frozen over).  And then those drunk people light off fireworks.  Whoever thought THAT was a good idea should have been bitch slapped.

While I was married (did I mention my divorce finally went through?) we'd go to the ocean and light our fireworks on July 5th when the beach looked like a garbage dump, but was mostly empty, me not being one for crowds, or obnoxious drunk people, or getting hit in the back of the head with a bottle rocket.

My kids are at the lake with friends and when they get home, they go to their dads.  Today I'm spending it with a "friend" and his kids.  I have no idea what we're doing.  Probably just hanging in the backyard, bbqing, letting the kids swim (I got an above ground pool on the cheap) and catching some fireworks.

I'm wishing you all a happy Independence Day.  Be safe, be sane, and don't blow your arm off.
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