Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Nerves

this is not my date
I have a date tonight.  A real date (do not ask what that means) It's been awhile.  A very LOOOONNNGGG while.
He's a chef and he's coming over to cook me dinner.  Whenever I'm going to have company, I go into panic mode.

I've been up since four.  Cleaning.  Yep, panic cleaning.  After I cleaned for about an hour I showered and tried to lay down and sleep again, but my mind was racing.  Not just about tonight, but about my rewrite I'm doing, and a book store gig I have in March, and, and, and.

I fear I'm going to be a lousy date because of my lack of sleep.  And it's not just today.  I haven't slept well all week, and I hope it doesn't all catch up with me tonight and I fall asleep at the dinner table, my face in a plate full of Gnocchi.  That would be bad.  Very.

But if I do, at least i'll know my house was clean.

Wish me luck.
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