Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now what?

Now that I'm out of the contest, I can stop obsessing and get the things I have to get done. (Or want to do)

These are my immediate plans.

Finish Cheesy. I lost my direction for a bit, so I've decided to write the last half of the book and fit the two section together and see if that works.

I want to revise and finish my Dena Powers series, revise What Gets You In. I don't know at this point what I'm going to do with Lockdown. I may revise, I may scrap. I think it's worth salvaging, there's some good writing in there, but, maybe it's too dark for the market right now.

I need to catch up on my book reviews. Though I'm caught up with my Amazon Vine Reviews, I have some requested reviews I need to do. I have filmed one and just need to edit, and I'm currently reading one of those books, which so far is good. And I also want to do some reviews for the ABNA contest. I know there are probably lots of good reads there. :)

Other than that, just try to be a good mom, wife, soccer mom, and stay healthy.

Have a great day all.



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