Monday, December 13, 2010

Manic Monday: People who suck and other pretentious bi%*es

So Saturday night was the office Christmas party (was a blast up til 4 am. yikes).  The party is always held at a hotel, and we always spend the night.  Sunday morning rolls around, me and the girls, including my niece Gina, are waiting for my brother, whom I'm giving a ride home.  So while he checks out I decide to pull the car around so me and the girls can load up.  I pull to the front of the hotel, two cars immediately pull in behind me, which I think nothing of.  I get out, open my trunk, and I go back into the lobby.  The girls and I gather our stuff, which is right inside the door, go out and start loading up.

As I'm loading stuff into the back, this woman approaches the van and asks the girls, "Do you know who is driving this van?"  Number one, dumb question you idiot.  I don't think three teenage girls would climb into the van of a stranger.

I say, "I am," as I continue to load bags in the back.

She says, "Well, we need to pull our car up so we can load our bags."

I hope the look on my face said it all, I have no idea.  My first inclination was to bitch slap her.  But you can get arrested for that these days.  So I just said, "um, I'm loading my car."  What I wanted to say was, oh, sorry, I didn't realize you were the only and most important patron at this hotel you pretentious $&#^()(@%&#*(#*^.

And then I stewed and stewed and stewed.  If you're reading this, country- club- snob- at- the -Inn- at -Gig Harbor, you suck.

That is all.  Thanks for reading.

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