Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thought Provoking Thursday: Egged

Last night as I took my daughters to see the Deathly Hallows (which totally rocked BTW) my brand new Toyota Sienna was egged in the parking lot.  I looked around at nearby cars, none of them seemed to be egged, just mine.  First of all, your kids should not be out egging cars in the middle of the afternoon.  They should be doing homework, or participating in sports or other extracurricular activities that does not involve ovum propelling.

Secondly I'm thinking, "Kids actually still do this?"  I mean, with as far as we've come technologically speaking, if they're not doing homework or sports why aren't they on their computers, x-boxes, wii's, cell phones, etc, etc.  They still get rudimentary enough to "egg"?

Then I wondered, why me?  Of all the cars in the lot, why mine?  I parked a little over the mid-line, I admit, I considered moving it, but the lot was far from full, there were plenty other places, closer to the theater to park.

Someone suggested it's because I drive a foreign car.  Doubtful.  I don't think kids care about that kind of stuff (yes, I am making an assumption that these were teens, but I really can't see an adult going around randomly egging cars, however, I know I could be wrong). 

It could be because it's new and they're jealous.  And I wish they would read this because I'm going to say something.  I've never owned a new car in my life.  Could never afford to.  I always got them used, and always drove them until I just couldn't anymore.  My old car wasn't safe.  I have kids.  I came into a bit of money and decided to go for it and got a killer deal.  It's a Toyota people, not a BMW, a Mercedes, or a Rolls.

It really upset me.  It's the holiday season.  The season of giving, of being kind to your neighbor.  I was out with my kids.  I took one of their friends.  I see about one movie a year, because frankly, it's too expensive.  It saddens me that there are youth out there either not being taught about kindness and respect, or that they just don't give a shit.

That's all.  Thanks for reading.

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