Monday, November 7, 2011

Monkey Madness Monday

Yes, it is Monkey Madness Monday!!  I've turned over a new leaf. (again) of course I had some serious motivation this time.  I was watching some of the old chronicle videos I've done, and i was skinny.  I want to be that girl again without all the mental problems. :)

So this weekend was my last hurrah, I ate pizza and last night had some Francis Ford Coppola wine.  I also got on the elliptical twice and just finished Jillian Michaels yoga torture this morning.

Back to the good carbs and fiber.  I even ate breakfast this morning ( I never do).  I am going to lose this weight before my release.  Holidays be damned!

Life is getting more normal, school soccer is over, I'm almost done with my to-do list for my release other than party details.  Life is good.

What goals are you shooting for before the end of the years?
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