Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finding My Zen

Okay, so this is harder than I imagined. Especially when I'm driving. I had a less than Zen moment in my car yesterday while driving my kids home from school.

I think it was a series of annoying events that contributed.

The first? Justin Bieber's Boyfriend came on the radio. Normally I turn the station when this happens, but Thing One insisted I leave it on. And she kept turning it up. I kept turning it down. It irritated me, but I was trying to be Zen.

Then another song came on. I think I blocked it out my mind as I can't remember what song it was, but Thing One was singing loudly and annoyingly. I calmly asked her to please stop.

Then it happened. We're stopped at a stop light. There are a few cars ahead of us. Light turns green. Cars start to go. But wait. The car ahead of me stops. I'm like WTF? THEN she decides to turn on her left turn blinker. That was it. Screw Zen. Expletives were spewed left and right. I may have pounded on my steering wheel a couple times. I wished for her window to be down so I could yell at her as we went around her; no luck.

I lost my Zen.

A set back. I regained my Zen for the remainder of the day.

I will continue to try to keep my Zen from now on.  When something pisses me off I will breathe in and out deep until it passes. I'm going to read about Buddha and see how he handled assholes. That may help.

Have a great Thrustday people.
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