Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Irritations

I'm really trying not to focus on the little irritations in life, but sometimes, you just gotta vent you know? So, here's a list of little irritations:

Toilets in which you have to hold the handle down for a long time to flush and the people who don't take the time to do it.  I mean, the toilet is annoying enough, but you, the person that doesn't flush it all the way, I mean, ew.

Too big lettuce.  I hate when restaurants feed you salad with huge pieces of lettuce that you have to cram in your mouth and you get dressing all around your face and then you look like a slob with ranch at the corners of your mouth, even though you try to hide it until you can bring your napkin up to your face.  Can't you cut it up a little bit more?

People who drive too slow. And yes, I drive fast, but I'm talking about people who don't even drive the speed limit. I have encountered this so much this last week. I don't know if the sun makes people stupid or just slower, but I mean, 20 in a 35? Come on!

Bicyclists who now longer tell you when they're coming up behind you. When I was cycling a lot, there used to be a polite phrase we used to warn walkers up ahead with their back to us. "On your left" or "On your right". I walk the Narrows Bridge a lot, and these cyclists, you can't hear them coming, and they zoom by you without warning. I mean, what if I happened to move an inch to my left at the exact moment they went whizzing by? Them: up over the top of their handlebars. Me: face down on the pavement. Lawsuit: Megan 1, Cyclist 0. I actually did have two very polite ones yesterday, one with a bell, and one who warned us and then even said thank you when we moved aside. Unfortunately, that is not the norm.

That's it for today. Got any irritations you'd like to get off your chest this morning?
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