Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yet Another Relationship Rant, as told in words and ecards

You guys like these, right? At my expense. :)

I'm frustrated. I think it's finally done, but I can't help but be frustrated. I don't think he'll read this, but I almost hope he does to see it from a different angle.

After the fall out and defriending some time passed and the ex boyfriend wrote on Facebook. He told me about a new job he got, told me I'm beautiful, wanted to talk. Then he texted and said he was going to be in town and could he take me to dinner, AS FRIENDS, his words, not mine, but I would have insisted it be that way anyway. Since he was trying to take a step toward friendship, I agreed. If he were just some schmuck I'd met online, I'd say, screw you, but I've known the guy 40 years. Our moms our friends. He's friends with my brother in law.

1) He's an hour early.
2) He asks not once, but twice, do I want to go out after dinner for a drink, both times I say no, I'm
3) He hands me the bill and asks me what it says (it is dark in the restaurant, but the waitress gave us a flashlight for our menu, he could have asked for it for the bill as well instead of showing me how much he paid).
4) When he dropped me off, he followed me into the house under the guise of washing his hands and then...wait for it...tried to kiss me.

I held up a HELL NO hand in front of my lips and told him he could have a hug and showed him out.

He texted me a couple hours later and told me I looked gorgeous and he had a good time. I wrote him back, thanked him for dinner and told him it was lovely, then thought to myself, why am I letting him off that easy?

I wrote again telling him I was NOT happy about him trying to kiss me to which he responded, " I said you were gorgeous. Sorry I'm a man."

Sorry, I'm a man.

Wow. Cop out much? Disrespectful much?

I told him I just want to be friends to which he replied he was hoping it could change some day.

He texted me later that night asking if I was awake, which I ignored.

He texted me the next day asking how my soccer team did.

He texted me the day after that telling me to check out a song. Then later that night with the gall to ask if I had dinner plans to which I simply answered, "Yes."

Nothing for four days, then Thursday he texted to ask if I still had his key, which when we broke up he told me to throw in the garbage.  Why would I have it? It felt like a ploy. Why did you ask? I write.

him: Because I liked seeing you.

me: So, what, you wanted to come get it so you could see me? Or to make sure I could still get in if I wanted to?

him: Just save it.

me: I told you I threw it away.

Friday I told him he needed to back off, that if we were ever to be friends, which he proved he could not be yet, he needed to give it time and space.

His reply, I have to let you go Megan. I get it. Take care.

Done deal, right? Oh no.

Sunday: Where are you watching the game Megan?

me: I'm at the ocean.

him: Lucky girl. When are you getting home?

me: Tomorrow.

him: May I call you?

me: I'm actually doing some writing. And is this what you consider backing off and giving things time and space?

Now this is him being passive aggressive:
him: Work on your writing Megan, have a good day.

To which I respond:
Not an answer, therefore I can only guess that I will hear from you again tonight or tomorrow. You are beginning to frustrate me.  Last night I told you to back off, today you're asking where I'm watching the game and when I'll be home. If you ever want to be friends again you have to back off.

him: I don't wanna be friends. Were we before that night??? (I'm assuming he's talking about the night we ran into each other and started dating, or who knows at this point)

me: I thought we were going to try to be friends. If not why are you still contacting me. I don't want anything else from you.

I'm starting to realize this:

I haven't heard back, so I hope that put the nail in the coffin. I feel like a heinous bitch, but seriously, at this point, I felt like I had no other recourse. I almost felt harassed.

And now this is how I feel:

Right now I'm focusing on my writing, my kids and hopefully getting past all this tired to get some exercise.  The weekend at the ocean (aside from all the texts from the ex) did me some good.

Dissected comes out in less than a month and I've already got a couple people reading Girl in Motion for me as I continue to write on A Tattered Life.

I'm keeping on keeping on so that I can get back to this:

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