Monday, September 28, 2009

Top Four Worst Things About Having Kids in Middle School #4 Homework

Both my girls are in middle school now. One in eighth grade, one in sixth. And while my kids are good kids, when they reach grade six, they are exposed to so much more than they were in elementary school.

I am just happy to have open communication with them. I think that is imperative when kids reach this age.

Of course, my # 4 isn't anything deep or serious. It's homework. More, my inability to help with homework at this level. My oldest daughter is in algebra, highly capable. Um, let's see, I haven't taken algebra since 1982, and I certainly wasn't in any highly capable math class. So, she's on her own. Luckily she's around to help daughter #2 with her homework.

Then there's Spanish, Social Studies, Science, and all sorts of other classes I was never good at.

Thank god for Language Arts (that's what they call English these days). That I can help with and not feel like a complete dunderhead.

So, there it is. #4, Homework, the other three are way worse.
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