Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Top Four Worst Things About Having Kids in Middle School #3 Exposure to Drugs

This isn't so much a problem with me, my kids are not using, nor do I think they ever would (yes, it's possible, but I know my kids).

BUT, I know many parents do have this problem. When my oldest daughter was in sixth grade, a fellow sixth grader was expelled for having marijuana in their locker. My daughter is constantly hearing about kids attending pot parties on Friday nights. The sad thing is, many of these kids who supply the pot, are getting it from their parents, and sharing it with your kids.

Last year, there was some kind of sting operation in which another student got expelled and seventeen others got in big trouble.

And of course, the kids doing the drugs are also the kids doing "other" things.

My children attend a good school too. It's not like they go to a school filled with trouble kids and drugs and alcohol. You're going to find these problems in EVERY school.

Hopefully, most kids know to "just say no".
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