Thursday, December 2, 2010

I have already failed

I missed my writing Wednesday post.  So you're getting to for one again.  Today you'll get writing, and Thought Provoking Thursday, and I will tie them together in a neat little bow.

Here is a snippet from my current WIP (work in progress for you lay people), Taking Zoey.

"I had to find a way out, otherwise I was fairly certain that one day they would find my bones along the bank of a river, or deep in a forest. A hiker or a fisherman would come across an arm bone, maybe a skull, and I wouldn’t become the photo journalist I dreamed of, I’d never be a wife, a mother. I’d be just another statistic. Another girl in the wrong place at the wrong time."

As far as thought provoking, I began writing this story because of an article I read in the paper.  The bones of a young Australian girl, whose name I believe was Zahara, were found along a river bank.  I started thinking how scared someone would be if they were abducted.  How, if they were held somewhere for awhile, they would be able to cope with the situation.  If you were locked in a room for a long period time, surely you would just think of 1) means of escape 2) all the people and events that have impacted your life.

So, Taking Zoey is a violent and frightening story, but it's also very introspective.  We learn about Zoey, her friends and family, through her thoughts and memories.  

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