Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friend or Foe Friday (er, Satruday this week I guess)

So, yes, once again I missed my blog day, but I've been busy, and here I am making it up and stuff.  So on Friday's I've decided to blog about someone who has either inspired me or pissed me off to the point that they end up in my blog.

Today is inspiration and that inspiration is my friend Gae.  If you read my blog, you are well acquainted with her already.  But every day this woman does things that amaze me.

I met her in the 2007 ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) contest, and we became fast friends.  We're like sisters now.  Sadly, we live clear across the country from each other, but hey, in the technology age that hardly matters, right?

Gae was the first of my writer friends to land a book deal, and rightly so.  The time and dedication she puts into her writing astounds.  This on top of a job, two boys, a husband, etc, etc.  And her writing is amazing.

But on top of all that, she is also a champion for the unpublished writer.  She is constantly reading and editing manuscripts and query letters helping those still on the journey perfect them.  She did this with Never Eighteen, and I know she helped make it a thousand times the book it was.  I try to emulate her in this by helping people with their writing as well, but it's hard and it's time consuming (I do help a bit).  So I admire her for doing this for others.

She's faced adversity, had her ups and downs, but she always comes out of it, brushes it off, and begins again.  Plus, she's charming, brilliant, hilarious, and beautiful.

She is what writers, mothers, wives, and women should aspire to.

Her novel, The Pull of Gravity comes out next May from FSG, Frances Foster books.  You should buy it.

Thanks for reading.

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