Monday, August 15, 2011

Monkey Madness Monday: Traveling to the UK and other things.

Um, yeah, how cute is that?  First things first, Sundays Mustang count: 18.

Okay, I posted on Facebook that Never Eighteen was on its way to one of the most prestigious schools in the UK.  People wanted details so here they are.  They're a bit fuzzy, so bear with me.

One of my parent's best friends is British.   A couple Sundays ago, my dad  called me and told me to come over to her house, he and my mom were there that she'd extended the invitation to me.  I grabbed some Never Eighteen bookmarks, because I'd just received them in the mail, and headed over.

When I arrived, I found out it wasn't just a intimate gathering, but a full blown party.  A couple relatives of Lesley, that's the British gal, were in town and she wanted everyone to meet them.  I was a little embarrassed by the bookmarks, but showed them to my parents and Lesley.  Then my dad starts making a big deal about the book.

I was mortified at first, and then people started making me feel like a rock star, so, you know, it ended up being kind of cool.  Lesley's relatives, David and Val, seemed particularly interested.  We talked about it for a little bit.  I gave them one of the bookmarks and a button.  They asked if it were available in the UK, and I told them it was on the Amazon UK site for pre-order.

End of story.

Until Saturday.  My parents had a party (it was my brother and Lesley's birthdays), inviting me and my siblings, Lesley, and David and Val.  It was their last night there.  Val starts talking about the book again, and I come to find out (and this is where it gets fuzzy) that she is major high up in ranking at one of the most, if not the most prestigious schools in the UK.  The word Chancellor was thrown in (that would be like the principal).  I don't think she's the chancellor, but perhaps a step below. 

So, my mom tells me to go home and give her an arc, which I jumped at the chance, and conveniently my parents only live about six blocks from me.  The next day, Never Eighteen was headed to the UK.

So there you have it.
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