Monday, August 29, 2011

Monkey Madness Monday

So, my daughter made me watch the MVA's until I was too tired and had to go to bed.  First off, there were like a jillion episodes of Jersey Shore on before it.  I for the life of me do not see the appeal of that show.  These are stupid people, doing stupid things over and over.  How many times do we have to see them fight, drink, and get laid before it runs out of steam?

Okay, MVA's first thought, Lady Gaga is a freak.  I don't like most of the music I've heard of hers.  Yes, she's talented.  I get it.  But if you have the kind of talent she does, why do you have to be so weird?  I mean, she even accepted one of her awards in her cross dressing get up? Of course, it was better than what she wore later in the night (I'm looking this all up, I did not stay awake for most of it.

And is Nicki Minaj Lady Gaga's mini me?  I mean, it's one thing to be creative and original, it's another to look like you live in Candy Land.

Two, there are times I love Katie Perry, and times I hate Katie Perry.  I hate the song E.T.  The only good part of the song is Kanye, and then I always change the station.  The rest of the collaberations were way better than that.  And I'm telling you, if "Look at me Now" didn't win anything, travesty of justice.

Loved Kanye and JZ, except the sound was horrible on their song.  And I felt sorry for the Price Tag girl having to sit in that chair all night singing other peoples songs.  Way too little performances though in the time I watched the show.

Brittany Spears looked great.  And her music is one of my guilty pleasures.  Don't judge me.

Best New Artist.  Um, yeah, I love watching someone throw up in their video. ew.  Over Big Sean and Foster the People.  No. 

The last thing I watched was Male Artist of the Year.  Um, Bieber over Eminem, Kanye, Cee Lo, and Bruno.  No.  I understand the tweens and teens are the ones who watch and vote, but um, this is just wrong.

Thank God people like Adele, Foo Fighers, and Beastie Boys are still winning video awards.

Of course, these awards are not for people like me, I know.  I just wish our youth was a better judge of talent.  It makes me frightened for the future.

That is all.  Enjoy the monkey.

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