Thursday, August 18, 2011

Throwing it out there Thursday

I, yet again, changed the name of my Thursday blog.  Sometimes I have no idea what to write about, so I'm just going to throw some crap out there and see what sticks.

First off, I started a new video series, Middle Aged Angst.  Check it out on Youtube, tell me what you think.  The video quality isn't very good.  I used a different program than I normally do and it pretty much sucked.

A cat tried to make me its mother last night.  He sat there and meowed at my door forever.  I finally gave him some turkey, then eventually let him in the house.  He didn't have a collar.  He walked around, sniffed stuff, then went outside.  I quickly closed the door behind him because I don't want a pet.  This morning I remember why, my eyes itch like crazy.  REALLY allergic to that cat.  Time to bring out the vacuum. He (or she, whatever) was really cute though. 

I made some hella strong coffee this morning.  You know, when you're making coffee and there's only a little bit left in the bag, so you throw it in, but then your coffee is stronger than _______ (fill in the black, I could not come up with anything).  And then you're buzzing around all day like you just drank 50 cans of Jolt (yes Jolt).

Oh, the class of 2k12 has a video coming up on WriteOnCon today at 5:30 Eastern (created by yours truly).  It's very inspiring, you should go watch it.
I think that's all I'll bore you with today.  Peace out.

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