Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sleepless in Seattle

Okay, Sleepless in Tacoma. For the last few years, I've had these spurts of sleeplessness, maybe two, three weeks at a time, followed by about a month of can't-get-up-in-the-morning-to-save-my-life. WTF?

I've never really tracked these weeks of sleeplessness, if they coexist with some form of stress, anxiety, or changes in life. If that were the case it would totally make sense right now. Things that are stressful, angst inducing, or have changed in Megan's life:

Holidays. mmhmmm. Here they are again. Presents to buy, baking to be done, lights to put up. Um, yeah, I've pretty much broken down for the last four years this time of year. Rock bottom here I come.

Option book. My debut book is almost out. Just over one month to go (panic sets in as I realize this). But wait, while I'm marketing the hell out of Never Eighteen, I have another book to write. Okay, I wrote it, it's done. But wait, there's more. Midway through I change direction. Now I have to rewrite it. And let me tell you. I've been less than motivated because I know it's a big project. At some point my agent is going to ask about it. (Actually she already has, told her done, just doing revisions, only a little fib). So, yeah, stress.

Book release. Parties to plan, reviews to worry about. The stress of wondering if it will sink or swim. I mean, yeah, of those who've read it so far, most have liked to loved it. But by US standards, that's a handful of people. Ugh!

Um, new relationship. This isn't stressful or angty. Its just a change in life. The most stress will come from introducing him to the kids, the rents, and subjecting him to the rest of my family at some point and hoping that's not a deal breaker. Otherwise, the relationship has been amazing.

Weight.  The never-ending form of stress.  I'm still down seven pounds, but my goal was twenty five by my release.  That leaves me with 18 to go and two 1/2 months left to do it.  Possible, yes, but I am weak when it comes to certain kinds of food and I must avoid them like the plague, which will be hard during the holiday season.

Work.  I love my job, but I've taken on more responsibility, and my partner in crime at work has other responsibilities.  And there are a few tasks that are frustrating the hell out of me.  I feel so far behind and I can't catch up.  I have to keep up with SEO, print ads, our newsletter, creating and uploading websites, helping plan the Christmas party.  All stuff I like to do, yet, I feel overwhelmed at times and am multi-tasking beyond my abilities.

So, when I wake up at 3:30 am, my mind will not allow my body to go back to sleep.  Anyone have any insomnia remedies?
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