Friday, January 17, 2014

Sometimes Google is not the best option

A while back I found myself in need of a second computer. I LOATHE sharing a computer with my kids. It doesn't happen too often these days, but when I come home and feel the need to write and one of them is on the computer doing homework, I can't exactly kick her off. And when the younger downloads Steam games, inevitably, something on MY side of the computer gets changed, like a tool bar, or my internet homepage etc. In a word, it's annoying.

So I went online looking at laptops. I found one that came with a free printer, laptop case and thumbdrive. It was a great deal, so I jumped on it.  It came It came in the mail fairly quickly, I got it all set up, turned it on, and then scratched my head and went, huh? What are this?

You see, I'd bought a Chromebook without realizing it.

No big deal, right? *cough*

My kids could easily enough surf the web, do their social mediatizing (yes, I just made that word up), and watch YouTube videos. But then I find Thing Two on my computer one day and I'm like, Whoa! What's going on here?

"I can't play my games on that thing."

"Say what? Surely you are mistaken."

Don't really think too much about it because it doesn't happen too often and normally I just kick her off because we have a perfectly good Xbox in the basement she's normally just fine with.

A few months go by and I'm getting ready to travel by plane to somewhere to find sun and get out of the grayness that is  my home. I think, I should take that little Google computer thingy with me because it's so much smaller than my bulky old laptop. Good idea, right? I mean, surely its word processing program is Word compatible, right? *cough*

I ask the question to the All Knowing Facebook.

I come to find out, while some people i.e. small children, people who don't give a shit about doing anything of purpose, people with 0 computer knowledge, and those who use their computer for like, 2 things,  are perfectly happy with their Google Chromebook, it is NOT compatible with Office based products, it can NOT play Steam games or anything that has any power above say, a sloth, and did I mention it doesn't even run off Windows, so basically any Windows based program is out.

Where does this leave me? Absolutely fucking nowhere.

What is this thing good for? Paperweight. Doorstop? Awkward shaped Frisbee? Paper holder? Certainly not a computer.

On top of that, because it's not Windows based, it can't even pair up with the free printer it came with. Um, hey, store, why the fuck did you pair these two up if they don't work together. Duh.

It was time to do some research and find a new laptop before my trip. I had 24 hours. That story comes later.

Hey, if you have a Chromebook and love it. PLEASE tell me why. I'd like to like it. I really would. I'd like to know that it serves some kind of purpose in my household and isn't simply taking up space.

I sure hope Google doesn't punish me for this post.

So, hey, anyone want to buy a Chromebook?

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