Friday, January 31, 2014

MIA, Super Bowl, Writing, Oh My!

Where has the week gone? Have I blogged once this week? I really couldn't say, I've barely known what day it was all week. It's been crazy...

The day job has been so busy. We have some big changes in the making, so I've been putting together a marking blitz to publicize them, which will come out next week. On top of that, I had two marketing events Martini Monday and  Legal Marketing Winter Social and Awards Night.

I enjoy my day job, but, Oy, it's been crazy busy lately.

I've been doing a little writing. I've been working on A Tattered Life, and I started a new WIP. I know, I'm crazy. It's women's fiction. Humorous. Well, I hope it is at least. I've been wanting to write the book for about 3 years. When I was on my vacation...wait...have I already told you this story? Anyway, when I was on vacation, I was lying in bed one morning and specific sentences came to mind. So I started writing it. Stupid, I know. But stupid is how I roll. *cough*

Of course I had to fit the BF in because I'd barely seen him.

Then there were the debates over gun control over Facebook and Twitter. Not going there now, nor am I ever going there again. Agree to disagree. Period.

House cleaning, exercise.

Thinking about marketing my book then not doing it.

I swear I'm going to this weekend.  It's selling without marketing it. Imagine what it would do if I actually told people it was out there.

Anxiously awaiting the Super Bowl. GO HAWKS!!!

Anyway, busy busy busy...

Have a great weekend, relax, don't play with guns, buy my book and root for the SEAHAWKS!!!

Friday Scribbles:

Pandora queue song: Not That Kind of Girl by Miss Li (Miss Li station)

Book of the Week: I'm reading Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Such a great series. Really have enjoyed it. Just started the book a little bit ago. Hope to finish in the next couple weeks.

Netflix of the Week: Damages Season 5. I cannot believe I already almost done with this series. At least it's almost gotten me to the last half of Walking Dead Season 4.

Quote of the Week:

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