Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Morning Blahg

After much debate in my head over going back to sleep or getting up, I've finally made coffee.  Sleep loses out again as it normally goes with me although I was up entirely too early for a holiday/day off work.  So here I am blogging on this fine Monday morning.

Remember why you're home today.  A great man fought for and was killed for his belief that we should all be equal.  We have come a long way since then, but we still have a long road to go before the country is free from the confines of bigotry.  It's sad that as advanced a society as we are in so many ways, we still lack where our freedoms and rights are concerned and that the word prejudice has not yet disappeared from our vocabulary.

Hatred begets hatred.  Racism (or any other ism for that matter) is taught.  It's not innate.

Breed love, people.

I think that's all for today.

Peace out.

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