Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tooting the Horn Tuesday: Caron Guillo

Yeah, changed the name of Tuesdays blog as well.  It was too hard to find other people to blog with, so I thought I would start tooting the horn.  Not my horn, mind you.  The horn of others, other writers (doesn't have to be writers, but they seem like the majority of people I know) to promote their work.

Today I'm going to promulgate (isn't that a great word) my friend Caron Guillo.  Her novel, An Uncommon Crusade, hits stores today!!!

Here is the description from Amazon: 

Elisabeth, Simon, and Hugo join an ill-fated commoner's crusade to Jerusalem in search of wealth, glory, and redemption. But their dreams are destroyed when Elisabeth and Simon are sold into slavery and Hugo finds himself adrift at sea. From the dark forests of thirteenth century Germany, through treacherous alpine passes, to a sprawling estate in Egypt, three lives become linked in a desperate journey. 

If you are interested in the crusades, historical fiction, and the like, please check out her book.  She's not only a fantastic writer, she's a very funny, kind, wonderful person.
She's also getting into her own editing business.  She editing my novel, Lockdown, for me, and let me say, the woman is thorough.  She gave me line edits and her overall feel of the novel in great detail.

So, give An Uncommon Crusade a shot.  NOW!! (okay, not now, but you really should.  I'm going to)

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