Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thought Provoking Thursday: I'm not going to talk about the AZ shooting

I was going to talk about the shooting in AZ, but honestly, I'm weary.  I don't normally get political here, because, well, I loathe politics, but guns bug me.  And the gun battle will never be resolved.  People will say ( and I agree) we shouldn't own them, others will say it's our 2nd amendment right.  Of course, the amendment was written during the homefront war days and there was the need for a militia.  Um, we don't really need a militia any more, just sayin'.  We have armies and National Guard and stuff for that now. 

Never mind that most guns in the home shoot more friends and family, whether by accident or not, than are used in self defense.

Every day 75 kids are shot.  15 of those die.  Every DAY, people!  And just kids!!  I don't even know how many adults are shot every day.

Did you know teens are two times more likely to kill themselves if there is a gun in the house?

I mean, it's kind of scary that just about anyone can go to a store or a gun show and buy a gun, isn't it?  Think about how many crazies there are in this country.  And. They. Can. Go. Right. In. And. Buy. A.  Gun. 

The guns used in violent crime are usually stolen.  And who are they stolen from?  Um, gun owners.

The amendment is archaic and is taken completely out of context for this day and age.  And  yes, I'm sure most gun owners are sane and responsible.  

But some are crazy.

And guns get stolen and then they kill people. 

I mean, if no one were allowed to own a gun, how would people die from a gunshot wound?

Is it really worth the amount of lives they take for you to own a gun?
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