Monday, January 24, 2011

Tooting the Horn Tuesday

The ABNA contest has started.  If you've completed a 50,000 + novel you should check it out.

My friend R.A. Nelson's vampire novel, Throat comes out today!!

My friend Tami is vlogging at Lyrical Lip Service.  She read my poem, Sand, in yesterday's video.

Caron Guillo, who I tooted about a couple weeks ago, celebrated with a book release party last weekend.

Amy Holder, Class of 2k11-er and author of The Lipstick Laws gets a 5 star review.

Bill Loehfelm, the winner of the first ABNA has his 3rd novel ready for pre-order.  He's a great writer with a knack for character development (among other things)

And Thing 2, my beautiful Rachel becomes a teenager today.  Happy birthday love. 

Oh yeah, and I mentioned I'm going to The Sundance film festival.  :P

Congrats to all. Lots of cool stuff happening.

Peace out.

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