Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday morning blawg: V-day

My first Valentine's Day in 19 years alone.  I was never a fan of the holiday anyway.  I thought it was a waste of time and money.  Probably created in a collaboration of Hallmark, FTD, and Jared (or whatever came before Jared).  I was never one for chocolates or diamonds.

Flowers are another thing.  I love having fresh flowers in the house, but I learned a long time ago, if I wanted them, I'd have to buy them myself.  Which I did.  I buy a bouquet a week from Safeway. (you can't beat their $10 for a dozen roses deal)  I love all kinds and  colors of flowers.  The exceptions: anything red, and anything dyed to a color that's unnatural.  And carnations.  I really don't like carnations. (if you plan to date me in the future, you might want to bookmark this page)

So, today I'm going to grab the $125 of gift cards to Metropolitan Market and buy me some cool kitchen shit and maybe a good bottle of wine (and flowers of course).  Tonight it's going to be me and two girlfriends, the Lonely Heart's Club (shout out to Val and Heidi) having dinner and a couple drinks, then probably go home and curl up in bed with my sock monkey, my laptop, and some Dead Like Me.

To those of you with big dates tonight, have a great time and never take the person sitting across from you for granted.

For those without plans, or with plans that does not involve any romance, you're not alone.  There are millions of people in the same boat.  Enjoy your friends, your children, your solitude.  Go to a movie, treat yourself to a nice dinner, create something.

And buy yourself some flowers.

Happy V-day to all of you,

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