Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thought Provoking Thursday: Casting Never Eighteen

Okay, maybe not so much thought provoking as just sitting in bed with nothing to do so I went ahead and cast the movie version of my novel (wishful thinking, yes).  Here's what I came up with.  We'll start with the secondary characters and work our way up to the good ones.  Oh, and I'm not going to say too much about the characters, because I don't want to ruin the book for you.  You're just going to have to read it to find out who they are.

Scott McPhee - Zac Efron
Anyone that's been reading my blog awhile knows I have a bordering-on-unhealthy obsession with Zac (yes, we're on a first name basis, shut up).  Originally, I would have wanted him to play my main character Austin, but I realize that he's just too old.  But I think he in his scruffiness, could play wastoid, Scott.

Hunter Parrish and Shia Le Beouf are also options if Zac is busy.

Julianna - The women, aside from Kaylee were a little more difficult.  There are a lot of cute little actresses out there, but this girl stood out to me as someone Austin might have dated, but very much different from Kaylee.  So I chose Alyson Stoner.  She's been in lots of Disney stuff, and she's a dancer, but I like her from the Cheaper by the Dozen movies.

Allie was difficult.  I needed someone that could do dark.  Someone that would have to dye their hair black.  I really couldn't make up my mind.  Originally, I had picked Taylor Momsen for Kaylee, I mean, look how adorable she can be. *points up*  Then I saw pictures of her like this:
and decided she could be Allie.  Another choice was Annasophie Robb because I like her acting chops.

Jake.  Handsome, loveable Jake.  I found him in William Moseley.  Narnia's Peter.  The face says it all.  I just hope he can do an American accent.

Twins Suz and Trev.  I just needed some dark haired tiny things.  Here they are.  Aren't they adorable?

Avan Jogia
Jodelle Ferland 

Jodelle's latest venture was as Bree the vampire in Eclipse.  Avan has been in a lot of stuff.

Justin.  Jock and Austin's right hand man.  I knew who would play this right off the bat.  He is one of my favorite young actors and has been since I saw him in Little Manhatten.  Just a good little actor who is turning into quite the stud.  Josh Hutcherson.

Kaylee.  Beautiful Kaylee.  Austin's best friend (and secret crush).  I had entertained lots of girls for this, the two mentioned above that I finally labeled potential Allies, Dakota Fanning, but I almost forgot about this girl.  Amanda Seyfried.  She's the perfect Kaylee.  I think you all know who she is, I don't need to list off the many films she's done.

Logan Lerman
And now for Austin.  I poured over lots of young actors to find just the right one.  Almost settled on Logan Lerman of Percy Jackson fame.

But then I saw these pictures:

And knew I'd found my Austin.  This is Aaron Johnson from Kickass.  For now, he's my Austin.

They might want to consider making this into a movie soon, before all these actors are too old to play teens.

Yes, this is me dreaming.  But reality would suck without dreams.

So what do you think?

That's all.  Thanks for reading.

Peace Out

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