Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tooting the Horn Tuesday

So, the ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award) contest closed yesterday, so I want to wish some good luck to those entered.

My friend Gae (The Pull of Gravity) got an awesome review from another friend of mine Becky Kyle.  Read it here.  Think about following Becky.  She's a cool cat and her reviews read like butter.

My friend Tami Snow is adorable and has a video series, Lyrical Lip Service, in which she reads and talks books and writing.  Check her out.

Did I mention that I have a book cover?  You can see it on yesterdays blog.  It's crisp and simple and I'm loving it.  Not only did I get a book cover, 2k11er Trinity Faegen did also for her novel the Mephisto Covenant.  You should check out her website.  She's a hell of a gal.

Another 2k11er Carole Dagg received a great review from Publisher's Weekly for her novel, The Year We Were Famous.  If you're looking for some YA historical fiction, check it out.

I suppose that's enough Tooting today. er.

Peace out,

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