Friday, February 18, 2011

F³A: I'm sure I had something to write about.

But I forgot.  I really need to write these things down.

I will say that things are starting to happen at the Class of 2k12.  I'm not at liberty to say, it's very covert, but I know 2012 will be epic (no the work epic is not a hint, you're just going to have to wait)

If you're an author with a YA or MG debut coming out next year, and want to work with a great group of writers using synergy to cross promote, get in touch with me, or the beautiful Caroline Starr Rose.

On the writing front, I'm over 6.5K into my novel Sad, and it's really coming together.  I'm loving Sydney's voice and I'm really connecting with her.  Tiny blurb:

"We wrapped around each other and  just lay there breathing, and I felt the kind of peace you usually only find while watching a baby sleep, or when you look up into the night sky imagining yourself among the stars."

Hmmm . . . what else?  Oh, yes.  All you Twilight fans can envy me this weekend as I travel to the town of Forks to visit all things Twilighty.  Hopefully I'll run into a vampire or two (have I mentioned my love for vampires, if not the Twilighty ones,  the Interviewy, Underworldly unsparkly ones).    

That's all for the Friday Free For All, except of course for this:
Random song from my iPod: The Killers, All These Things That I've Done

Book of the Week: XVI by Julia Karr

Movie of the Week: Eh, let's throw Eclipse out there in honor of my trip to Forks

Quote of the Week: "My mom is a vampire.  She is Vampire Mom." ~ Mary and Rachel Bostic
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