Friday, February 25, 2011

F³A: Stupid snow and writerly things.

Thing Three (my niece) and Thing One
So, it snowed here the last couple days.  Lots.  Annoying thing is that they didn't cancel school.  I almost got into three accidents yesterday getting my kids to school and then to work.  And it's because people think they can just drive like regular when it's snowy and icy out.  And they're in a hurry.  And their time is more important than anyone else's.  And they're dumb.  So, since they didn't cancel school again today, I did it for them.  I'm sorry, I'm not going to drive on a grid of ice sheets risking life and limb to get my kids to school.  And I'm skipping work today too.  Meh.  Nothing to do today that can't be done Monday.

Okay, enough about that.

My editor got my first pass pages yesterday, and so hopefully they're on their way to me.  I'm psyched!!  If you don't know what first pass pages, it is basically the pages of your book, in the form they will look when they're finally in book form, fonts, etc.  I decided to grab some random pages off of the internet to show you and it just so happens one of the first pics to pop up was Tess Hilmo's, With a Name Like Love.  Tess and I were 2k11ers together, so hopefully she won't mind me using hers.
This is what first pass pages look like.

This is a very important stage of the process because it is basically the last time you can make edits.  So I will be going over these pages with a fine tooth comb to make sure every word is correct, every period in its place.

Also going over my option book with my agent.  I've been working on three novels, Withered, Taking Zoey, and Sad.  I think we're going to go with Sad.  She didn't really like Taking Zoey, and I've got more on Sad than Withered.  She liked Withered also, so after Sad, and my dystopian, and maybe an edit on a superhero series I've written, I'll probably finish that one.

I suppose that's it for today.  Except for the Friday Weekly stuff.

Random iPod shuffle song: The Underdog by Spoon

XVIBook of the Week: XVI by Julia Karr.  I'm about half way through and really enjoying it.

Movie of the Week: The Housebunny.  My daughter has watched it every night this week.  She's insane.  It is funny though.

Quote of the Week: "A lot of people like snow.  I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water."  ~Carl Reiner
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