Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Writing Wednesday: Guest Writer!

Yes, I have a guest writer today.  It's my cousin and fellow poet, Nathan Jordan.  Here is his poem:
Nathan Jordan

Gigantic Imagination-Itty Bitty Reality

We are born into this world
Kicking and screaming
Looking only for milk and warmth
Not caring about morality
Only our own whims to satisfy
We grow up and rebel against the world
It won’t give us what we want
Now we want metaphoric milk and warmth
And if reality won’t provide it
We’ll cry and cry until we get what we want
Or we’ll turn to drugs and alcohol to soothe ourselves
And that’s where most of us stop growing
We continue throughout life demanding
Shaking our fist at the world
Reading our list of requirements
Cutting those off who don’t agree
Not stopping to realize that everyone else
Is doing the same thing.
And then a fortunate few stumble on the truth
Begin to understand their true size in reality
A grain of salt
A piece of sand
That’s right size
This big huge colossal universe
Doesn’t care about what we demand
It only gives us what we need
And it’s up to us to realize
That that’s all we should ever want.

Nathan Jordan is accountant by day and lives in T-Town with his lovely wife Rachel, and son Rylan. A bit of a joker, Nathan also has a serious side.  He enjoys film, singing, playing guitar, and is proud of his Italian heritage.
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