Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday morning blahg: Just another Monday

Tired, crabby (I almost wrote crappy, they both fit), anxious.  Need a change.  Need more coffee, but I'm drinking Crystal Light.  Need a happy monkey.  Want some pineapple for some reason.

Okay, enough of that.  I  just found out my ARC's  (Advanced Reader Copies) are coming in a couple weeks.  Totally psyched about this.  Can't wait to hold one in my hand.  Turn it over a few times.  Stare at my name on the cover.

This means I have to write my dedication and acknowledgments.  I'm scared. I don't want to forget anyone.  Friendships have ended over acknowledgments.  All of a sudden I'm panicking (breathe Megan, breathe).

This is real.  It's happening.  Nothing will stop it now.

I'm pretty sure that's all I have for you today.   Thanks for reading.
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