Thursday, April 22, 2010

Owning Me

Since I've been actively seeking publication, I thought it would be good to get a domain name. I went and looked up to find...someone owns my name already.

How can there be another Megan Bostic in the world in need of a website? Seriously?

You google that name, who do you see? Me (well mostly with a handful of students, athletes, and whatnots).

So I write Godaddy, and they give me the owner's info. It's a guy, his last name is Bostic. They sent me his email address, so I write. That was a week ago.

So today I decide to write Godaddy and ask when that web address might retire. Their answer 2018. Eight years from now. And my plan is to be published before then, so what's a girl to do.

This has caused quite a lengthy status update on my Facebook page, both by those trying to help, and by those making jokes at my expense (which I love of course).

So, I will probably write the guy snail mail, but if I cannot get my name back, what do you suggest? If I use my middle initial, which is "A", I will write under that. Or even maybe something like, M.A. Bostic, then I could go with Or writermeganbostic, or authormeganbostic.

Advice: If you are planning on becoming anything that might be slightly famous, you may want to purchase your domain name now, otherwise, when you go to do so, someone may already own you. sigh.
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