Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thought Provoking Thursday: Living in Shadows

I know you've all HAD to feel that way at one time or another.  That you're living in someone else's shadow?  I think as a writer, a sibling, and friend, a co worker, whatever our circles and relationships, we can't help these feelings sometimes.  We feel unworthy or inferior to those around us.

Point?  I guess I've been feeling a little like this.  And it's not fun.  Luckily, I have people around me that remind me that I've got some good stuff going on.  That we can't live under the shadow of someone else because their paths, though they may be similar, are unique.

And then of course there's Walt Whitman.  His quote, "Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you," really struck a chord with me yesterday.  And it's true.  I think I may be a natural pessimist.  I need to look toward the sun more often.  After all, I am solar powered.

Sorry, just some random musings from my warped mind. :)

A couple more things.  Mrs. Andersen at the Y.A. Love book blog featured for her Book Trailer Thursday, the trailer I made for Carole Estby Dagg's novel, The Year We Were Famous.

Also, I want to wish good luck to all those entered in ABNA.  Just remember, if you don't make it past this phase, it's not over.  Here is a list to prove it.  It's all the novels that have been entered in ABNA that have been or are going to published since.  It grows all the time.  So don't lose faith.

And never walk in someone else's shadow.  Cast your own. :)

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