Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Writing Wednesday: Sad

Unedited of course.

We never said a word to each other until we both found ourselves at Lacy McKenna’s kegger.  The best cure for shyness is a couple pints of beer.  I remember just sitting there in the corner by myself, Haley, that’s my best friend, was off getting us a couple more beers.  David came up and said, “You’re the girl that shits behind me in English.” 
     I couldn’t help but laugh at the way he slurred sit to sound like shit.  “Yeah, that’s me.”
     He sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulders.  “I’ve seen you looking at me.  Why you always doin’ that?”
     I looked at him and said, “Because I find you interesting.”
     “You’re so quiet and always look like you’re deep in thought.  I sometimes wonder what you’re thinking about.”
     “Yeah, really.”
     “That’s kind of cool.”
     An awkward silence lingered between us, and I figured it couldn’t get any more awkward so I said, “I heard about your dad.  Sorry.”
     He looked at me and said, “You want to go talk somewhere?  Quieter I mean?”
     He grabbed my hand and led me through the living room.  Haley was heading back with my beer, so snatched it from her and said, “Be back in a bit.”  Knowing how much I crushed on David, she gave me the thumbs up then went on her way. 
     David took me up a staircase, and opened the first door on the right, which he immediately closed back up saying, “Oops, sorry.”  He turned and gave me an embarrassed look.  I giggled.
     Door number three seemed to be the charm.  He led me to the bed where we sat in silence for a minute sipping our beers while he eyed me cautiously.  Finally he said, “I’ve never really talked about it and no one up to this point has ever asked.”
     “About your dad?”
     “That’s because people trip over their tongues when it comes to talking about the hard facts of life.”
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