Thursday, May 6, 2010

The elements: Earth

Okay, since one person enjoyed my other blogs this week (thanks Barbara), I guess I'll finish it off.  So today I speak to earth (should that be "the" earth? too early and not enough coffee to know)

There are things I love and things I don't, a love/hate relationship if you will.  

I love the plants and flower and trees that rise from your depths.
Except the blue bells, morning glory, and other weird nameless weeds.

Reaping from my garden what you've helped me sow is much better than buying abnormally large, pumped up fruits and vegetables from the produce section of Safeway, yet I can't stand the feeling of you underneath my fingernails. 

Let's talk about landslides.  Not good.

But I don't mind getting dirty on a soccer field.  A little.  Let's not go overboard.

Thank you for helping sustain life on our planet.
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