Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paying it Forward 3.0

A few years back, (which when you're in your 40's means about 10, sigh) the husband's cousin and his wife, along with their young daughter decided to move here from California to be closer to family and get a fresh start.  They lived with my SIL for awhile, and when he found a job, they moved out on their own.

Money was still tight, so we decided to buy a houseful of groceries for them.  When my mom found out what we were doing, she also pitched in.

We tried to get the most for our buck finding things on sale, and staples that would last awhile, like rice, but we also bought a variety of stuff, different kinds of meats, pasta and sauce, coffee, cereal, dairy, bread, and things like cleaning products and other household goods.

We just wanted to help them get on their feet, let them not worry about something, like groceries for a couple of weeks.

Though I know it helps out in a small way, it's also selfish.  I LOVE to give.  It makes me feel great. I just wish I had more means in which to do it. 

Don't forget to visit B. Miller's blog for her Pay it Forward contest.  Become a fan.

When was the last time you helped out someone out?  What did you do for them?


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