Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paying it Forward Quatro

Much like yesterday's post, when my stepson and his girlfriend moved back here from a stay in Arizona, then California, we wanted to help them out.  They stayed in our basement when they first arrived back, but found an apartment within a week.

They really didn't have much (anything) so we gave them some stuff to use, a blow up mattress, card table and chairs to borrow.  We also gave them some bedding, bathroom towels, and our 43 inch television (I think this was a selfish ploy by my husband to get a new tv).  We went through our cupboards to see if we had doubles of anything, and found things like extra colander, baking dishes, cast iron skillet, we also emptied out our freezer of foods we though they would eat.

Then we hit the store for more food, cleaning items, and some necessities like dish towels, measuring cups, cooking utensils, and things like that.

We wanted them to have a good start back at home.  They seemed very motivated to make it on their own, both finding jobs fairly quickly.

They seem to be doing okay still, though we don't see them much anymore.

That's all for my pay it forward stories for the week.  Don't forget to check out B. Miller's blog and her Pay it Forward Giveaway.

Come back tomorrow for the Friday Free For All, where anything can happen. :)


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