Friday, May 7, 2010

The elements: Fire and My Mother, these two things are not related.

Fire.  The last element.  Probably my favorite.  Yes, I know, it's not a necessity for my existence, not really.  But I love heat, being warm.  I love on a cold morning sitting in my living room drinking coffee in front of a fire.  I love on a cool summer night sitting in front of the chiminea, Rusty building a huge fire to keep us warm.  I love, after a night in front of a campfire, the smell of my clothes and hair.

I would much rather be too hot than too cold.

Enough about fire.  Here is a shout  out to my mother in honor of mother's day.  She's the most beautiful person I know.  She's kind hearted and generous.  She's intelligent and funny.  And she can be a little kooky. ;)

She's had her share of hardships.  And yes, she's fallible, we all are.  But her imperfections and her trials in life make her who she is.

And here's a shout out to my girls, who I usually call Thing One and Thing Two here, but whose real names are Mary and Rachel. Here they are to the left with my grand niece Ella Bee.

Thank you for making my job as "mom" so easy.

Thank you for making me laugh by being goofballs and calling me things like "vampire mom".

Thank you for liking my writing.

Thank you for getting decent grades. (though they could be better)

Thank you for always wowing me when you're on the soccer field.

And thank you for still wanting hugs and kisses even though you're in middle school.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.


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