Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paying It Forward Part Deux

The husband and I used to frequent this restaurant for breakfast called the Ruston Inn.  We would go every Sunday, with or without kids, and the waitstaff new us well.  There was this cute dark haired waitress who was very good and very nice and she knew what we wanted before we ordered it.

I remember it was right before the holidays, and my dad had a good year at the office, so he and my mother gave us a generous monetary gift to use for the holidays.  We decided since they did that, that we would pay some of it forward to our favorite waitress.  We are pretty generous tippers to begin with, usually 20%, but that day we ate for about $25 and gave her a $100 tip.

We tried to leave before she found it, but she caught up and tried to give it back.  We refused and she thanked us saying she could really use the money.

Weirdly, we never saw her again.   

I hope we helped her in some small way.

If you have a story you'd like to share, feel free. And don't forget to drop by B. Miller's blog for her Pay it Forward Giveaway.  Become a follower even.


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